The Digitizing Creative Industries Programme (DCI) is an innovation accelerator that supports creative ideas from the digital world for a democratic Europe.

We promote innovators from the creative industries (architecture, gaming, media, design and beyond) with a positive political impact.


  • The diverse expertise needed to drive your idea forward
  • More visibility with incubators and impact funds from all over Europe
  • Expansion of your network across the European continent for new opportunities
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We are Polis180, a grassroots think tank for European and foreign policy, supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.

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Who's Eligible?


  • You not only build a healthy business with your idea, but also strengthen a democratic digital Europe
  • You have the capacity to participate in our idea accelerator from May to October 2022 (online)
  • You are an innovative company, think tank or network from a creative field


Attendees of the programme must come from any European country (not neccessarily EU) or from Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan or Turkey.


You are working in architecture, gaming, media, design, film, fashion, music, or any other subsectors of the creative industries.
To learn more about what we have identified as fields of innovation in each creative area, see below.

Digital Design
Product Design
Film, Fashion, Music ...

What we offer

  • A bulletproof solution for your idea developed and challenged with experts, and tested with your future users
  • Hand-picked experts from institutions like the Open Data Institute London, European Creative Incubators, the Goethe Institute or leading tech companies which are specialized in topics like XR Tech & XR Storytelling, Web 3.0, DAOs, Digital Community Building, Data Collaboration, Digital Law or Open Innovation
  • Inspiring insights about the latest trends; support from innovation coaches that will serve as sparring partners and with helpful methodologies like value proposition design, user testing or open innovation
  • A Europe-wide innovation network that gives you access to new collaborations and markets
  • Visibility with incubators and impact funds from across Europe as a member of a cohort of social impact creative industry innovators

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Application Deadline: 30th April 2022

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How it works

During the 4-month period, June - September/October 2022, companies/organizations will be matched with experts from across Europe who will provide the missing expertise for their innovation ideas (online).

Together, they will accelerate their innovation ideas to a proof of concept (incl. problem statement, market/user research, value proposition, implementation strategy).

Innovation coaches and the creative innovation community will be valuable partners in moving your idea forward.

The innovation teams are accompanied by members of Polis180 to write policy briefings for the German Foreign Office that inform the future strategy of the Foreign Office's foreign cultural and educational policy.



How many projects can be supported?
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What type of inputs do I receive in your workshops?
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In what way does Digitizing Creative Industries get me attention for my idea?
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